Planning Ahead

When death occurs

When the death of family member or friend occurs, it hurts. When dealing with the loss of someone close to you, you will be confronted with a lot of difficult emotions: hurt, loss, fear and confusion. Our role is to help you deal with the reality of your loss, and prepare you for your future. Our mission statement is "Our Family Caring for Your Family,"  let us help.

Whether the death was expected or sudden; whether in the hospital or at home; there are arrangements that must be made. We'll help guide you to the funeral that helps you and your family deal with your loss.

We will assist you in completing the necessary documentation, arranging the service you want, as well as the location of the service and who will officiate.

Lean on our family so that we can help your family. When death occurs we invite your family to the comfort of our home because, "Our Family is Caring for Your Family."

Why Prearrange your Funeral?

For many families the idea of discussing funeral arrangements is very upsetting. Prearranging your funeral with us takes away the difficulty of important decision making for your family when they are not able to deal with the stress.

We will record your personal wishes, because this will help your loved ones deal with their loss. From our experience, when arranging a funeral at the time of death, having the direction and guidance from the deceased is a gift of kindness and thoughtfulness.

We will record service information, choice of disposition, preferred charities and who should represent your affairs. You may select specific service types, casket and outer container or urn. Tell us whatever is important to you in dealing with the loss that will be experienced by your loved ones.

Information Required to Plan

Much of the same information is required to prearrange a funeral as is needed to arrange a funeral at the time of death. Due to this fact it only makes sense to prearrange the funeral, for it's merely gathering and recording necessary information in advance.

We have listed the information that will be required at the time of arrangements. Some of the information is needed to properly register documentation with the province, some to assist the application of death and survivors benefits, as well as matters of estate.

Funeral Arrangements Information:

  • Name of deceased as recorded on birth certificate
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Proper civic address of residence
  • Marital status
  • Spouses name including maiden name if applicable
  • Occupation
  • Father's full name and birthplace
  • Mother's maiden name, given names as well as birthplace

Additional Items to bring to arrangement appointment:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage certificate or license
  • Ontario Health Card
  • If veteran, veteran's regimental number
  • Social Insurance Number of spouse (for C.P.P. applications)
  • A photo of the deceased as they should be remembered
  • Clothing- whatever the family chooses is appropriate. (Long sleeves and High neckline are recommended.)
  • Jewelry all items must be itemized with the funeral home

Privacy Disclaimer:
All information recorded with the Mitchell Funeral Home, is recorded  and stored in full compliance of the federal Personal Information   Protection and Electronic Document Act, effective January 1, 2004.  No information will be traded or exchanged, unless otherwise  directed.

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Few Muskoka businesses are as entrenched in the community as Mitchell Funeral Home. Ould Funeral Home was first established in the early 1900s, with Larry Mitchell’s family taking over in the 1930s. Larry is proud of this tradition and the fact that theirs is the only funeral home in Muskoka, from Sundridge down to Orillia, that is still family-owned and operated. “I think that’s what makes us so unique,” Larry explains. “You’re dealing directly with our family when you come to us and that creates a special kind of familiarity at a pivotal time.”
Supporting families through loss creates an immediate and often lasting intimacy with a funeral director. Over the years, the Mitchell family –Larry together with his wife Colleen and son Bill-have connected with countless local families through the generations, which is the continuation of a tradition that goes back decades. “Some local families are connected with us as far back as great and great-great grandparents.”
Published: Saturday, June 09, 2018

Planning Ahead

Our role is to help you deal with the reality of your loss, and prepare you for your future. Our mission statement is "Our Family Caring for Your Family," let us help.

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